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  Shenzhen ABNM Tech Co., Ltd, with its head office in Shenzhen and subsidiaries in Shiyan, Shaoxing, Hong Kong and Yiwu, is specialized in R&D, production and sales of ABNM MicroScan / HubbleScan / SmartScanner / Glory series of products: EAS RF Anti-shoplifting Systems (8.2MHZ) (ABNM HubbleScan), EAS AM Anti-shoplifting Systems (58KHZ) (ABNM HubbleScan), EAS EM & RFID Systems (ABNM HubbleScan), EAS anti-Shoplifting Gates and Accessories (ABNM HubbleScan), Walkthrough Metal Detectors (ABNM MicroScan / HubbleScan / SmartScanner), Handheld Metal Detectors (ABNM MicroScan / HubbleScan / SmartScanner), Food Metal Detectors (ABNM MicroScan / HubbleScan / SmartScanner), Gold Detectors (ABNM MicroScan / HubbleScan / SmartScanner), X-ray Baggage & Parcel Screening Systems (ABNM MicroScan / HubbleScan / SmartScanner), X-ray Personnel Screening Systems (Body Scanners) (ABNM MicroScan / HubbleScan / SmartScanner), X-ray Cargo & Vehicle Inspection Systems (ABNM MicroScan / HubbleScan / SmartScanner), Under Vehicle Security Inspection Systems (ABNM MicroScan / HubbleScan / SmartScanner), Liquid & Explosives & Narcotics Detectors (ABNM MicroScan / HubbleScan / SmartScanner), IP Cameras & CCTV Analog Cameras (ABNM HubbleScan), Mobile Phone Cases(ABNM Glory), Doors & Gates (ABNM Glory), Armored Doors, Security Doors  (ABNM Glory), Interior Room Doors  (ABNM Glory), Fire-proof Doors (ABNM Glory), Spin Magic Mops (ABNM Glory),etc.
  Our products sell well in mainland China, Southeast Asia, India, Pakistan, the Middle East, Russia, Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece, Poland, Turkey, Brazil, Argentina, USA, Canada, Mexico, etc..
  Regarding "quality, service, brand and customer first" as ABNM‘s business principle, ABNM (MicroScan / HubbleScan / SmartScanner / Glory) will strive to do our best to meet customers‘ needs.
Welcome to cooperate with us.
  R&D, production & sales of doors and gates (house & industrial uses) & spin magic mops since 2006.
  R&D, production & sales of  EAS systems (doors & tags) since 2008.
  R&D, production & sales of  metal detectors & under vehicle inspection systems since 2010.
  R&D, production & sales of  X-ray screening systems since 2012.
  R&D, production, sales & installation of doors and gates, security and safety inspection systems.
  OEM & ODM are available.

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