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Handheld metal detectors security detector GC-1002

I. GC-1002 Intelligent High Sensitive Metal Detector Features:
1. Streamlined appearance, small and exquisite, easy to carry; simple and convenient to use, no adjustment required;
2. Ultra-high sensitivity-domestic metal detector, compared with imported GARRETT in similar products
And CEIA brands.
3. With battery undervoltage indicator; when the battery power is low, the yellow indicator on the side lights up to remind you to charge in time or more
Change the battery;
4. Power saving, 250MA battery charge-can work continuously for more than 40 hours; when 9V battery drops to about 7V, detection
Distance does not change;
5.Two alarm modes are available: LED light alarm or vibration alarm;
6. Light weight, large detection probe area and fast detection speed;
7.There are two kinds of sensitivity options: high and low;
8. Has an external charging jack: After installing the rechargeable battery, you can fully charge the machine directly;
9. With strong shock resistance, sturdy and durable, free fall of one meter height without damage;
GC-1002 Intelligent High Sensitive Metal Detector Detection Range:
1.pin: 30- 50MM
2.64 type pistol: 200MM
3.Diameter 20MM steel ball: 120MM
Technical parameters:
Working power: standard 9V laminated alkaline battery
    GC-1002 Intelligent High Sensitive Metal Detector
    1.Airport, station, and terminal security detection and inspection;
    2.Security inspection by customs, border, and security departments;
    3. Quality inspection of pharmaceutical and food business systems;
    4.Wood factory inspection nails, important places, safety inspection of sports games;
    5. Precious metal detection, such as gold and silver jewelry factory, electronics factory.

    Replace the battery:
    1. Unscrew the battery cover screw with a screwdriver, tap the handle part lightly, and the battery back cover will come off.
    2. Insert the 6F22 (9V) battery and start the test. If it fails to start, check whether the battery is reversed or the battery is damaged.
    3. Close the battery cover and tighten the screws.

    1. Turn on the power switch (10). When you hear a "click" or vibration, the power is on, and then the green light flashes.
    Blinking, it proves that the self-test has passed and can be used normally. If the green light is off, the battery is not installed or the battery is in poor contact.
    If the yellow indicator light is on, it means that the battery can no longer be used, please charge or replace with a new battery.
    2. Choice of sound and vibration conversion: Switch (10) is a three-position switch, the middle stop is to turn off the power, and the side stop is
    -The side is audible alarm, the other direction is vibration alarm.
    3. After turning on the power, you can carry out high-sensitivity detection. Hold the handle to scan the detection surface around the measured object.
    When a metal object emits an alarm sound or vibration, the green light turns red.
    4. Low-sensitivity detection: if low-sensitivity detection is needed (such as looking for--coins near the ground with steel bars),
    You can press and hold the low-sensitivity switch (9) for scanning. When there is a metal object, an alarm sound or vibration will be issued. At the same time, the green
    The light turns red; the sensitivity is reduced by more than 5 times.
    5. Charging: When the battery power is low and the yellow lights are two, please connect the charger. When the battery voltage reaches 9V,
    The green light (8) will light up, and when the green light is bright enough, the battery is fully charged.
    Please submit your basic information, we will contact you as soon as possible!





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